Building Maintenance Systems

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Our building maintenance systems are designed to meet the challenging shape and size of every building façade. To date, many of these systems have been installed in well-known landmark buildings across South East Asia.
Solutions can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements, ranging from roof-powered gondolas to self-powered gondolas which include motorised trolleys, roof eagles, chameleon cradles, monorails and rigging systems.
We also provide solutions to building atria, skylights and canopies with our fall arrest safety lines, ladder and gantry systems.
We always ensure that all building maintenance systems supplied by MHE-Demag are of the highest quality and reliability. Stringent tests are carried out in the factory and on-site to ensure that all safety features meet local and international regulatory requirements such as the EN1808 code.

Roof Powered Building Maintenance Units (Gondolas)  

A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a form of suspended access equipment intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure.
The cradle of the roof-powered BMU is lifted and lowered with 2 or 4 suspension ropes. These wire ropes are wound in a single or multi-layer drum type hoist located in the roof car machine housing. The wire ropes used for the roof-powered gondolas are classified as double-active rope suspension systems and a rope safety factor greater than 12 ensures that we comply with the EN 1808 norms.
In case of emergency, the drum hoist unit in the roof car could be manually released and the cradle safely lowered to the landing ground below.

Roof Powered Chameleon Cradle and Rigging Systems  

Our roof-powered Chameleon cradle is a revolutionary product, since we are the first company in Asia to incorporate the drum type hoist in the cradle. The capacity of the hoist unit is 500 kg with a lifting height up to 160 m.
Compared to other self-powered cradles using traction hoist(s) on the market, MHE-Demag drum hoist cradles offer higher safety and reliability, are quiet to operate, as well as eliminating wear and tear to the ropes and hoist parts. 
One end of the wire ropes is wound to the hoist drum located in the cradle and the other end is attached to the suspension rig above. The suspension rig is generally a trolley unit, a monorail with a traversing trolley or another rigging system, e.g. davits, fixed to the building, from which a cradle may be suspended.
In case of power failure, the drum type hoist unit in the cradle could be manually released, allowing the cradle to descend safely to the landing ground below.

Ladder and Gantry Systems  

MHE-Demag ladders and gantries running along extruded aluminium tracks to provide safe access to the glass roofs, atria and skylights.
The ladders and gantries are made of aluminium alloy with some parts in stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised steel.
Both ladders and gantries can be designed and produced to any shape to blend in with the architecture and finished in a colour powder coating that matches the surroundings.

Fall Arrest Safety Lines  

Working at heights is inherently dangerous. Our fall arrest safety line systems provide continuous protection throughout the period when the user is exposed to a risk of falling. The fall arrest system stops free fall and limits the arresting force to the user.
Our fall arrest safety line systems combined with personal protection equipment (PPE) offer alternative maintenance solutions to skylights, canopies and all roof types.