Battery Charging System

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A battery-charging contact consists of a contact plate, which is mounted on the floor in the track of the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) or, in some cases, also to both the side and a current collector, which is mounted on the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle). Power is supplied to the contact plate on-site by a charging device. The contacts are activated by the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)'s central computer in the charge position. The contact plate, used for floor contact, is equipped with diagonal run-on surfaces, which enable the relatively smooth, low-wear travel of the spring-cushioned current collector.
Through the development of high-power batteries, which enable battery charging in seconds, today, the charging process can be integrated into the normal flow of operations, without requiring removal of the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) in need of charging.
Battery-charging stations can be installed wherever wait times are generated due to processing (e.g. in buffer stages, turn-around points, stops etc).