Aluminium Enclosed Conductor Systems

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LSV & LSVG Enclosed Multiple Conductor Systems

LSV and LSVG are compact, no-contact power supplies in housings made from light metal (aluminium). These conductor systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and are used to supply power to cranes, monorails, hoists, power tools, machine tools, storage and retrieval systems and other power loads, even at high temperatures up to 100°C. They can be delivered in 4- to 11-conductor configurations and the nominal current lies between 60 and 300 A depending on the number of conductors. The light metal housing is composed of two profiles screwed together, wherein the short and long connecting pieces of the housing guarantee the correct alignment of the current collector contacts. The current collectors, running in ball bearings, are guided by the housing. The mains power is transferred by spring-stored carbon brushes.
Delivery opportunities:
  • Standard lengths 1, 2, 3, 4 m
  • Short lengths
  • Curves for R≥ 600 mm
  • Sealing strip
  • Heating
  • Housing anodises
  • INOX encased copper rails