KBK Aluline

crane hoist manufacturer

  • KBK Aluline crane for baggage handling in an airport
  • KBK Aluline crane for baggage handling in an airport
KBK Aluline is used for applications in which a wide variety of lifting, transportation and handling tasks can be carried out by lighter track and crane systems.

Whether for industrial, retail or service facilities, in special manufacturing environments and storage facilities or even theatres and studios – KBK Aluline systems provide the optimum solution.

Typical features of KBK Aluline include
  • very low weight for high rigidity
  • highly precise components
  • anodised surfaces with an attractive finish
  • very easy assembly
  • compact design
KBK Aluline can be used to construct both single and double-girder suspension cranes for area-serving transport requirements as well as straight suspension monorail systems for straight connections between workplaces.

Standard lengths are suspended from articulated fittings (KBK classic suspensions). KBK ergo components are used for large overhang and manipulator cranes.

Aluminium and steel profile sections can be combined within an installation. For example, a steel profile section can be used for a crane runway and a light aluminium profile section as a crane girder.

Existing installations can be modified easily and cost-effectively by adding new parts or replacing existing components to meet new needs.