XDS Dock Levelers

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XDS Dock Leveler (Extra Dock Safety)
The MHE-Blue Giant XDS4000 Extra Dock Safety System is the only 3-in-1 system that prevents forklift roll-off, overhead door damage and unscheduled truck departures at the loading dock.
The raised guard on the dock leveler is designed to prevent forklift roll-off, both in an open loading dock, or in an indoor dock, when the overhead door is open.  The guard also prevents material handling trucks from accidentally hitting a closed door, thereby protecting it from impact damage.

When the dock leveler is in use, the safety guard automatically lies flat or flush with the deck surface allowing smooth, unobstructed flow of traffic during load transfers.  It is raised automatically when the dock leveler is parked into its pit, providing a 7" high barrier.  It stops up to 10,000 lb (4545 kg) rolling loads at 4 mph (6.4 km/h).
      forklift guard
Vehicle Restraint - StrongArm™ SVR303
SVR 303     Blue Genius

The SVR 303 Truck Restraint system stops the trailer or truck from accidentally departing whilst the loading/unloading operations are taking place. This prevents accidents resulting from forklift roll-offs which can result in goods damage or personnel accidents.
The low profile restraint body—only 8” high from the ground—can service a multitude of trailer rear impact guard (ICC bars).  It has a vertical restraining system from 8” to 26” above grade with a minimum 4” contact space required and a horizontal restraining range of up to 12” from the face of the dock.

Intelligent Positioning System ensures positive location sensing from 0 degrees to maximum full rotation to ensure the restraint StrongArm™ and locking mechanism's accurate reading.

Advanced communication package includes LED interior red/yellow/green and exterior red/green traffic lights, signs and programmable audible alarm.

Onboard diagnostics and communications feature a user-friendly, multi-language LCD intelligent text display and keypad with supervisory override.