Articulated Narrow Aisle Forklift

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MHE-Demag's narrow aisle articulated forklift is the perfect solution when it comes to space saving racking systems. It can operate in aisles of up to 2.2 metres, and is capable of lift heights of up 11 metres.
NA in action 1 NA in action 2
NA in action 3 NA in action 4
The Narrow Aisle Articulated Forklift in Action in the APCC Warehouse, Cavite, Philippines
The articulated forklift design allows this truck to turn into the racking to retrieve and stack pallets, thus it does not require any extra clearance between the floor and pallet rack beams.   This allows narrower aisles and consequently more bays to be built within a given space.  As a result, around a 30% greater storage capacity in an existing warehouse can be created compared with using conventional reach trucks. 
At the heart of this articulated forklift is an extremely well-designed chassis committed to operator safety and handling efficiency.  Some of the great features of this truck:
  • A forward facing cabin enables it to be driven like a car, simplifying truck control for any operator 
  • A clear vision mast with a tilting function enables superb visibility of pallets during stacking and retrieval
  • Easy battery change system through rear pull-out design
  • An ergonomic and spacious cabin with simple to reach and easy controls enables easy control and operation of the truck
For more information on this product, please contact an MHE-Demag sales representative.