IT Systems

We believe in moving forward with the current trends in business processes by deploying the latest information technology solutions for our extensive regional network.

Industry-leading solutions such as SAP help streamline order processing and finances, acting as a common platform where enterprise information is managed and shared.
By using our IT platforms to share our business knowledge across our departments and divisions, we not only improve our understanding of our business with essential key learning points, but we are also able to boost our employee engagement and motivation. In addition, these systems provide instant and precise regional stock analysis and status updates, facilitating optimal inventory control and ultimately translating into cost savings for the customer.
In-house Lotus Notes development expertise has brought about a string of applications including knowledge management systems and online training to boost employees’ technical competency.
Our regional Customer Care Programme is supported by SAP’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enhance customer service and interaction. The CRM system plays an important role in creating a better understanding while strengthening customer relationships each time we come into contact with customers.
Our dedication to new technology adoption and innovations gives us the edge in regional business to remain efficient, competitive and highly responsive to your needs.