Food & Beverages

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Lift Trucks

MHE-Demag boasts a comprehensive range of lift trucks for the warehousing and logistics industry. From the simple hand pallet truck to the most sophisticated very narrow aisle (VNA) machines, we can offer the most optimum and suitable truck for handling palletised goods within the warehouse.  Not only that, but this extensive range of lift trucks is carefully chosen to offer efficient and cost effective solutions for customers looking for value and economy in their operations.
Our range of lift trucks are particularly suitable for applications within general warehousing, manufacturing operations, logistics and distribution centres, retail outlets such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as cold stores and refrigerated warehouses.

Docking Equipment

We are the premier supplier of equipment for the warehousing and logistics industry in the ASEAN region. In partnership with specialised and reputable manufacturers, MHE-Demag offers a one-stop solution for all warehousing equipment needs so that you can operate your warehouse efficiently and safely at all times.  
We can offer a wide range of equipment such as dock levellers, dock seals and shelters, dock tunnels, temporary storage warehouses and warehouse doors, as well as warehouse safety systems and accessories. 
Equipment, such as dock levellers, facilitates efficient goods loading and unloading, whilst ensuring the safety of operators and precious cargo.  Dock seals, shelters and tunnels protect human operators and goods from the weather whilst keeping the warehouse free from external pollutants such as dust, insects and heat.  They can also be used to minimise cooling loss, especially in cold stores and refrigerated warehouses, thereby reducing energy costs.  Doors such as roller shutters, sectional doors and rapid doors are used both for security, as well as application control in sensitive environments.  A host of dock safety systems and accessories are also available to ensure the safety of goods, materials and the operators, so that your warehouse works at peak efficiency at all times. 

KBK Crane Construction Kits

The KBK crane construction kit is an efficient and reliable solution for the construction of suspension monorails and suspension cranes.

The construction kit consists of standardised mechanical and control components. This facilitates planning, construction and maintenance. KBK installations can be altered and extended at any time. Straight and curved track sections, track switches, turntables and lift and drop sections can be combined to provide the widest range of material handling solutions.

Installations can range from a straight connection between two workplaces with only a few metres of track, to complex monorail networks, and from simple manual control to automatic systems with computer-controlled integration of the various system areas. KBK installations can be easily adapted to new material handling requirements.
Monorail and crane installations with load capacities up to 3200 kg from the KBK crane construction kit have a successful track record going back over 40 years. Installations built with these components can be found in facilities and workshops of almost any type and every size.