Working with MHE Demag

MHE-Demag values its best asset - its PEOPLE. The Group encourages every employee to always think out of the box, be passionate at work and unleash their highest potential and creativity.
Working with MHE Demag opens the door for opportunities in a supportive and motivating work environment that promotes continuous learning and development.  With high regard to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance for its people across all countries, MHE Demag is dedicated to look after its peoples’ welfare.

Our People

Diversity is a key strength of our Group. With a growing 60 locations in the Asia-Pacific region, our people come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, ages, genders, education and belief systems, tenures and organizational functions; but they all come together to grow and make a difference in the organization.


Our Values

Our “MHE-Demag DNA” identifies the values we impart in our company. It determines the competencies that are essential for every MHE-Demag employee and describes the qualities and attributes that make an MHE-Demag employee stands out. The values and beliefs in our MHE-Demag DNA are what we hold in common and share as a team and try to put into practice.


Your Future With Us

MHE-Demag takes pride in its employees and develops talents from within. We firmly believe that our people’s growth and success is also the company’s growth and success.