In traffic congested cities, trying to find a good parking space is very stressful and frustrating for both residents and commuters. They want parking that is abundant and convenient, but often find that spaces are scarce, difficult to access or unavailable for priority users. Thus, a lot of time and energy is wasted trying to find a good car parking space. Apart from the stress, parking has other wide-ranging impacts on city life, from traffic and pollution to the impact on local revenues.
Good parking spaces are often hard to come by due to spacing problems in city planning, so it is important to make optimal use of the space available. The parking facility design and operation is crucial when it comes to assuring efficient and easy access for motorists. Furthermore, planners also have to take into account pedestrian access from the parking area to the intended destination to ensure convenience and safety for users. Other negative impacts can be reduced with systems that aid users by providing information about parking.
To address all these issues, we have an extensive variety of smart and efficient space-saving car parking systems to suit your needs and supply you with the most up-to-date and technically advanced solutions. From simple yet efficient stack parkers to fully automated parking systems, we will provide you with expert analysis and recommend the best product for your needs before ensuring professional installation. 
Browse below to find out more about our products which are particularly common for parking:

KLAUS Multiparking Semi-Automatic Parking Systems

KLAUS Multiparking's TrendVario systems make optimal use of the space available and offer the highest level of flexibility. The parking spaces are mobile as the platforms can be shifted automatically both horizontally and vertically, with the push of a button.
Four Semi Automated Car Parking models are available:

KLAUS Multiparking Parkers

KLAUS Multiparking Stacker Parker systems can double or triple the parking space with 2 or 3 parking levels. The Stacker Parker can be divided into two categories: dependent system and independent system.
The dependent system does not require a pit; the lower vehicle needs to drive out before the upper deck can be lowered. This dependent system is normally used with valet parking.
The independent system requires a pit, which the lower vehicle can sink into for the upper vehicle to drive out, thus all parking space users can access their vehicles independent of other users.

KLAUS Multiparking Parking Pallets

KLAUS Multiparking Pallet parking systems help to accommodate vehicles even after all parking spaces have been occupied. They simply create additional parking spaces in driving lanes or previously unused areas.
The pallet parking system is a space saving system which could also be installed later in an existing garage. 

KLAUS Multiparking ParkDisc

The KLAUS Multiparking ParkDisc vehicle turntable is a rotating platform designed to turn the vehicle to any angle. It is usually installed in a driveway or in a garage floor.
The turntable is useful for turning the vehicle when the driveway is very narrow. With the push of a button, the vehicle on the turntable can be rotated in any direction to allow the driver to both park and exit without the need to reverse. 
For bigger vehicles, turntables with a larger diameter and higher load allowance are available upon request.

MHE Carlifts

MHE-Demag carlifts provide a space saving solution for transferring vehicles between different levels. The vehicle and driver will be transported together in the carlift cabin to either the parking level or the street level. The two operating panels are located inside the lift cabin allowing the driver to operate the carlift by simply winding down their window. Sometimes a carlift is used to access different parking levels when there is not enough space for a driving ramp.
Depending on the carlift's lifting height, we differentiate between three basic types:
  • Scissor Hydraulic type (up to 6 m)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder type (up to 22 m)
  • Traction Wire type