Whether you need to take corrective actions or find solutions after a breakdown, or if you want to take preventive measures, our all-encompassing solutions help you to maintain your machinery and facilities as well as transport units such as cars, railway carriages, ships and even aircraft. Our extensive range of cranes and lifts bring your items into position so that you can inspect, clean and repair them with ease. Furthermore, our access work platforms and building maintenance units enable you to reach everywhere you need to access in order to keep your precious properties spotlessly clean. These work platforms and maintenance units also help with access when performing renovations and repairs. If you have special needs that require custom made solutions, our vast experience in engineering enables us to tailor our equipment to even the most extraordinary demands.
Browse below to find out more about our products which are particularly common for maintenance:


As Asia-Pacific's leading provider in the design, manufacturing and installation of material handling solutions, we offer an extensive range of cranes for all sorts of industries and applications. European components guarantee quality of the highest standards and our strong local presence guarantees the best service in Asia-Pacific. We are proud to have installed over 26,000 cranes in the region alone, and the number is steadily growing.
With our commitment to safe and sustainable production we also lead by example in our industry. Our remarkable range is not only of the highest quality, but also built with a strong commitment to safe and sustainable production, as we exceed the highest standards of ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) at every level of our supply chain. Moreover, our customers enjoy the very best care, as we will assist them with safety measures and training for operators, as well as inspections and after sales services if required.
Have a look at our crane portfolio and see for yourself: Whatever we handle, we raise it to the next level!


Our comprehensive range of hoists and winches is suitable for all sorts of applications, applicable to numerous industries. Sourced directly from Europe, straight out of the factories from Demag, Donati and JD Neuhaus, we deliver uncompromised design and quality excellence. These machines provide the muscles for your material handling!

Rope Balancer

Easier handling with greater precision – safe and simple

Our rope balancer is the most advanced pneumatically-powered balancer system available. Your can use this system to guide and move your loads effortlessly into an exact position, even without the need for a control pendant. It is available in standard capacity of 55 kg and 110 kg.

Access Work Platform (AWP)

Access Work Platforms (AWP) are safe temporary platforms for operators to stand on, along with their tools and equipment, while they are working at a height. These platforms provide the solution for many tasks required for today’s modern architectural structures. These machines comes in many forms, and are also called by various names such as elevating work platforms, boom lifts, spiders and cherry pickers.  
Depending on the nature of work, these platforms are constructed to be used for both indoor and outdoor operation.
For outdoor operation besides building maintenance, it is used for tree cutting, lamp-post maintenance and even as a standby for rescue purposes in theme parks. To a certain extent, it also can cover work areas and building façades that cannot be served by roof-down machines (Gondola). 
For indoor operation, it is widely used for internal building cleaning, ceiling plastering, light bulb changing and banner or decoration hanging etc.  
We offer a complete range of compact Access Work Platforms ranging from a 3 m working height up to a 52 m working height.  They may come with a Stabiliser Assisted option (with support legs that stretch out when the machine is operated)  or Self-Balanced (counterbalance weighted and movable) unit.

Building Maintenance Systems

Our building maintenance systems are designed to meet the challenging shape and size of every building façade. To date, many of these systems have been installed in well-known landmark buildings across South East Asia.
Solutions can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements, ranging from roof-powered gondolas to self-powered gondolas which include motorised trolleys, roof eagles, chameleon cradles, monorails and rigging systems.
We also provide solutions to building atria, skylights and canopies with our fall arrest safety lines, ladder and gantry systems.
We always ensure that all building maintenance systems supplied by MHE-Demag are of the highest quality and reliability. Stringent tests are carried out in the factory and on-site to ensure that all safety features meet local and international regulatory requirements such as the EN1808 code.