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Slewing Jib Cranes

More efficiency for every workstation
If you are looking for the fastest material handling solutions, we can offer you cranes manufactured by MHE-Demag under licence from Vetter, the European specialist in slewing jib cranes. Mounted to a wall or free-standing with a column, these cranes help you to lift your goods with ease and can be operated manually or with a remote control. One swift move and you have all your goods in place.

Chain Hoists

Our Demag DC chain hoists set a new industrial standard with their all-inclusive design. Our customers get a fully featured product, with many features already integrated into the chain hoist's standard configuration, instead of having to be ordered and bought as extras elsewhere.
Our chain hoists feature higher speed for increased performance, and improved safety and reliability, thanks to the unique new safety concept and monitoring system.

Rope Balancer

Easier handling with greater precision – safe and simple

Our rope balancer is the most advanced pneumatically-powered balancer system available. Your can use this system to guide and move your loads effortlessly into an exact position, even without the need for a control pendant. It is available in standard capacity of 55 kg and 110 kg.

KBK Crane Construction Kits

The KBK crane construction kit is an efficient and reliable solution for the construction of suspension monorails and suspension cranes.

The construction kit consists of standardised mechanical and control components. This facilitates planning, construction and maintenance. KBK installations can be altered and extended at any time. Straight and curved track sections, track switches, turntables and lift and drop sections can be combined to provide the widest range of material handling solutions.

Installations can range from a straight connection between two workplaces with only a few metres of track, to complex monorail networks, and from simple manual control to automatic systems with computer-controlled integration of the various system areas. KBK installations can be easily adapted to new material handling requirements.
Monorail and crane installations with load capacities up to 3200 kg from the KBK crane construction kit have a successful track record going back over 40 years. Installations built with these components can be found in facilities and workshops of almost any type and every size.

Drive Systems And Transfer Cars

Our drive system components consist of motors and gearboxes as well as inverters for particularly smooth and precise acceleration, braking and positioning. These drive systems are incorporated in machineries in various industrial and commercial applications. Apart from this, our drive systems are precisely matched to our wheel range, and the perfect combination of all components turns installations into efficient systems.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts have a wide variety of applications in the material handling industry, as well as on the production floor of many industries.
In material handling processes, a typical scissor lift application would be as a goods lifter to raise the floor level of the particular product or goods, so that they can then be transported away.
In a factory or industrial setting, it can act as an insert device along the assembly line, or as a small worktable for factory production or automotive assembly process.
Our scissor lift range can be categorised as follows:

Conductor Systems

The main function of a conductor system is to transfer electricity from a stationary source to a mobile user (mobile electrification). Stationary conductor rails are mounted along the path of a vehicle that requires electric power. The stationary conductors are connected to a main power source. A current collector is mounted on the moving vehicle and is installed to make contact with the electrified conductors. The current collector is comprised of electric brushes that feed electricity into wires, which power the vehicle. The concept is similar to track lighting except that with track lighting the lights do not move. For our systems, the vehicle can move whilst picking up power from the conductor rails. Or it can also stand still. The moving vehicle can be anything, from a vehicle on an amusement ride or a crane unloading a ship, to production carriers on an assembly line.

Contactless Power Systems

CPS®(Contactless Power System) is the contactless power transmission system from VAHLE. The power is transmitted inductively, similar to the transformer principle along an "elongated" coil.

Cable Reel Systems

Cable reels can be used for many systems that require the payout and retrieval of cable to a moving vehicle. These are often used for lifting devices or to connect power to equipment during maintenance. If your system requires a heavy-duty cable reel, we recommend our motor driven cable reels. These cable reels can accommodate heavier cables over longer distances than spring operated cable reels.

Cable Festoon Systems

Our Cable Festoon Systems feature a steel, stainless steel or PVC track enclosure for cable carriers (with wheels) to ride in. The cable carriers have saddles in many different sizes and types to accommodate one or multiple cables and hoses. These systems are also referred to as cable trolley systems. Furthermore, we offer festoon systems where the cable carriers run on standard shape I-Beams. I-Beam carriers can operate faster than C-Track systems and can carry very large and heavy cable packages. These systems can also be motorised to be able to handle very fast operating STS, Ship to Shore, cranes.