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Indonesia  |  Cranes & Hoists

MHE-Demag Keeps it Sweet and Simple

MHE-Demag installs cranes to ensure smooth daily operations in a sugar mill in Indonesia

Singapore  |  Cranes & Hoists

A Lasting Partnership with Yamazaki Mazak Singapore

MHE-Demag provides crane support for Yamazaki Mazak’s new production facility

Malaysia  |  Industrial Lift

Lifting Public Transport in Malaysia

MHE-Demag is the first in the region to supply two units of electro-hydraulic pantograph lifts to lift 192 feeder buses of Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit System.

Australia  |  Cranes & Hoists

KBK Light Cranes Help to Preserve Hampden Bridge

Fully galvanised KBK tracks are used to suspend a maintenance platform to ensure the bridge is safe for vehicle traffic.

Australia  |  Cranes & Hoists

Better Upgrade, Better Quality

MHE-Demag’s KBK Systems improve production processes with faster turn-around time.

Australia  |  Cranes & Hoists

V-Type Crane Light Weight Design in Action

MHE-Demag continues to deliver quality solutions that make a difference.

Thailand  |  Cranes & Hoists

MHE-Demag Engineered Cranes for Two Paper-Roll Stores in Thailand

MHE-Demag Engineered Cranes equipped with mechanical roll grippers provide for fast and, above all gentle storage of the paper rolls.

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam  |  Cranes & Hoists

Cranes Go Auto

Industries demand for process efficiency and real-time evaluation of their systems. As a result, we have integrated sensors, control and software for the installation and servicing of our semi-automatic and automatic cranes.

Indonesia  |  Engineered Solutions

Customised to Win

MHE-Demag Indonesia scores big with clients with customised solutions

Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan  |  Cranes & Hoists

Lifting Productivity from Shore to Shore

MHE-Demag cranes continue to build high profile in the Southeast Asian shipyard industry

Malaysia  |  Aerial Work Platform (AWP), Building Maintenance Systems, Industrial Lift, Vertical Lift

Maintaining a 90,000 sqm Rubber Seed

MHE-Demag creates unique building maintenance monorail to clean Malaysia’s latest architecture icon.

Australia  |  Cranes & Hoists

MHE-Demag Australia helps preserve heritage value while upgrading the Tarraleah Power Station

MHE-Demag’s overhead gantry crane solution proved invaluable, facilitating necessary refurbishment works with minimal impact to the heritage-listed valve house.

Indonesia  |  Power Electrification Systems

MHE-Demag Assists in First eRTG Project in Indonesia

MHE-Demag Indonesia provides successful solution for the country’s first eRTG project

Malaysia  |  Cranes & Hoists

MHE-Demag Cranes Provide Heavy Lifting Solution to Malaysia’s Leading Shipyard

MHE-Demag provides best lifting solution for yard improvement plans for BNS.

Indonesia  |  Explosion Proof Equipment

MHE-Demag Indonesia Fulfils BP’s Maintenance Safety Requirements

MHE-Demag Indonesia delivers two explosion-proof cranes for maintenance support at natural gas production plant.