eRTG (Electrified Rubber Tired Gantry)


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Better efficiency with reduced maintenance and repair cost.

It is a common sight in any port in the world where thousands of containers lying in their designated storage areas waiting to be transferred, and the primary machine of shuffling these containers is no other than the famous Rubber-Tired Gantry crane, or in short the RTGs. Today, most of the conventional RTGs are usually equipped with at least one diesel-powered generator set that transforms diesel fuel into electrical energy for movements and operations. Research revealed that RTGs generally consume more than half of the total fuel consumption at any typical port. The use of diesel generators in the RTGs resulted in greenhouse gas emissions estimated at 2.6 million tonnes per year, and also produce the noise pollution to the environmental.
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Converting a conventional RTG into a fully electric-driven RTG (eRTG) means shutting down the diesel generator set and powering the RTG with electric power directly from the power grid. The benefits of converting it to eRTG are:

  • Prevention of environmental pollution (CO2 emissions)
  • Cost effectiveness (Diesel cost)
  • Reduced sound level
  • Reduced maintenance and repair cost
  • Better efficiency factor

The conversion of diesel to electric powered RTGs results in a reduction in diesel fuel consumption of about 95%. The diesel engines are only used during the transfer of the RTG from one container aisle to another or from the container lane to the maintenance area. During normal operation they remain switched off, which drastically reduces the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 or NOx into the port environment.

Low energy costs and minimal environmental impact are key concerns of modern port logistics. With the consumption of much diesel fuel per day and rising diesel fuel prices, powering of RTGs represents a substantial cost factor for port operators.

The eRTG conversion can be accomplished with one of two different unique electric power supply systems:

  • Motor Driven Cable Reel System
  • Conductor Rail System.

Working with its partner, MHE-Demag is competent in the development, production, consulting, and installation of the engineered solutions that provide energy supply and data transmission for these RTGs in the port. If you seek a professional solution to convert your RTGs, look no further than MHE-Demag .

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eRTG (Electrified Rubber Tired Gantry)

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eRTG (Electrified Rubber Tired Gantry)

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