Chain Hoist DCS-PRO


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Thanks to almost double rated speed in the partial load range, lifting motions can be performed very quickly.

Our DCS-Pro chain hoist offers high efficiency and reliability to ensure maximum precision in assembly operations – for gently and safely lifting, lowering and positioning valuable and sensitive parts. Thanks to almost double rated speed in the partial load range, lifting motions can be performed very quickly. What other benefits does it offer?

  • Variable speed over the entire load spectrum
  • Exceptionally fine control at slow speed
  • Up to 90% higher speeds for reduced loads thanks to its Pro-Hub function
  • Load capacities up to 3200 kg

Fully featured with no need for extras

  • Many features already included as standard

Convenient operation

  • Automatic switchover to creep lifting speed before the upper/lower limit positions are reached
  • Lifting speed, acceleration and braking ramp can be simply modified via the control unit
  • Infinitely variable speed control for lifting and lowering motions over the entire load range
  • Variable long and cross-travel speeds when used with E11- E34 travel drives

High safety and reliability

  • Gentle starting and precise positioning thanks to particularly fine control at low speeds
  • Acceleration and braking ramps to reduce load sway
  • Increased safety by means of motor temperature monitoring

Versatile performance

  • Creep lifting speed from 0.15 m/min (DCS 1)
  • Gentle positioning and fast travel in one, thanks to a 1:100 control ratio
  • Pro-Hub function for up to 90% higher nominal speed for partial load or no-load operations
  • Wide voltage range input 380–480 V/50–60 Hz

Optimised safety

  • Improved safety and reliability thanks to 24 V control voltage and operating limit switches
  • Cut-off on overload thanks to speed-monitored slipping clutch
  • No load sinking thanks to brake/coupling system

Optimised efficiency

  • Installation and commissioning in a minimum of time
  • Fast and ergonomic height adjustment of the control pendant without the need for any additional wiring
  • Rapid access to all important plug-and-socket connections, height adjustment of the control pendant and chain lubrication thanks to pivoting service cover
  • Elapsed operating time counter and diagnosis interface
  • Interchangeable chain drive can be quickly and easily replaced without the need to remove motor or gearbox parts
  • High flexibility thanks to complete features
  • Gearbox, brake and slipping clutch are maintenance-free for up to 10 years

Ergonomic operation

  • Simple commissioning and service thanks to plug-&-lift and plug-&-drive connections
  • Fatigue-free operation thanks to ergonomic, plug-in DSC-S control pendant
  • Flexibility as standard thanks to two sizes of suspension bracket
  • Fast and simple installation thanks to infinitely variable adjustment of trolleys to the flange width0.
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Chain Hoist DCS-PRO

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Chain Hoist DCS-PRO

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