Motorized Cable Reels


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For medium to long distances or highly dynamic applications in vertical operation.

Our motor cable reels are suitable for all sectors and market segments with local consumers. These are particularly well suited for medium to long distances or highly dynamic applications in vertical operation. The designs and solutions are based on applications in the fields of port and container technology, conveyor systems, material handling, storage, etc.

The cable reels are used to transfer high currents and voltages as well as data or liquid media. In addition to standardized motor cable reels, we also offer individual solutions in the field of special applications.

All drives work in the direction of cable travel. The unit uncoils the cable by extending (paying out) the cable from the reel body against the torque provided by the drive unit, which adjusts to the travel speed of the reel until the reel comes to a standstill. For safety, a brake avoids uncontrolled cable payout in case the drive loses power.

Reel Construction

Our monospiral reel bodies are built with flexibility in mind. They are manufactured in bolted versions and are adjustable by width, so they can be adapted to various cable diameters. The winding diameter is adjustable to conform to the minimum bending radius of the cable. Temperature range: -40 °C – +60 °C.

Motor Driven Cable Reel Applications

Our motor driven cable reels can be used in a wide range of crane applications, including construction cranes, grab buckets, magnets, container cranes and electric hoists. Other special applications include:

  • Hose reels for air, liquids and gases
  • Tag line reels for handling steel ropes
  • Reels for control, signal and high frequency transmission cables
  • Offshore reels, including on ships or in the tropics
  • Ship unloaders
  • Shipbuilding cranes
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Motorized Cable Reels

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Motorized Cable Reels

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