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MHE-Demag Indonesia Branch Expansion

As Southeast Asia’s leading provider of material handling solution, we realize that Customer Support is very important factor for customers to purchase their material handling equipments; which is why MHE-Demag Indonesia keep on expanding our network to support customer need. Within 1 year, we have opened 6 new branches to support customers. MHE-Demag Indonesia currently had 21 branches all over Indonesia to cover the large geographical area.

MHE-Demag Indonesia has three different regions: Region I covers all Sumatra area, Region II includes Jakarta, West Java and Lampung, Region III covers East Indonesia.

Region I serve Sumatra area. The main office in Region I is located in Medan, as it is the capital city for North Sumatra and held big opportunities for business. Region I has 6 service sales office & depot located in Pekanbaru, Rantau Prapat, Perawang, Palembang, Jambi, Batam and the latest one, Padang. Although other region's branches doesn't serve specific industries, Rantau Prapat and Perawang branch does. Rantau Prapat serve mainly for Palm Oil Industry while Perawang serve mainly for Pulp and Paper customer.

Region II is serving Jakarta area and the surroundings. As Jakarta is the biggest and busiest city for business opportunity, our head office is located in this area. We have 1 head office located in the middle of the city (Mampang Prapatan) and 1 service center located closer to the industrial area (Cililitan). We relocate our Service Center from Cilandak to Cililitan to get closer to customers in the industrial area earlier in early 2015. Our new office has larger office space and bigger warehouse. With the heavy traffic in Jakarta area, we also have three branches in Karawang, Cibitung, and Cilegon to ensure reaching our customers in time.

The last region, Region III area has 1 main office/ factory in Surabaya located in the industrial area in Rungkut, and 8 branch/ service depot, including Mojokerto, Balikpapan, Timika, Batu Hijau, Tanjung, Sangatta, Makassar, and Pasuruan. Three of these branches - Mojokerto, Timika, and Batu Hijau with 24/7 support were dedicated for big customers that has service contract of large number of cranes with us; while the others are service depot to get closer to customers in the area. We just recently expanded and upgraded Surabaya office & factory facility, as the building is now more than 30 years old and we now have employed more employees, resulting in bigger need of office space. As the business grows larger, the warehouse and production area also need to be grow. With this wide network, we believe that MHE-Demag Indonesia will serve customer better.

Established in 1972, MHE-Demag operates within a close-knit regional network in Singapore (headquarters), Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan, supported by eight manufacturing facilities and 40 companies and sales offices. MHE-Demag offers you a comprehensive range of overhead travelling cranes, hoists, warehouse trucks and a wide variety of industrial products such as gondolas, dock levellers, monorail systems and automated car parking systems.