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International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. This day is dedicated to the general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women, especially those women with economic, political, and social achievements. We would like to use the day to feature one of the super women in our own organization.

As the UNESCO Study “A Complex Formula. Girls and Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Asia” shows,women holding key engineering positions are still much too rare in Asia. For example, in Malaysia women only make up 10.6% of Professional Engineers. However, at MHE-Demag, the landscape has fortunately been changing in recent years and we are seeing more and more women holding key appointments in this traditionally male-dominated organisation. Just to name one, our young and promising lady colleague, Ms Teo Bee Leng was promoted to Assistant Regional Product Development Manager last year.

Bee Leng started her career with MHE-Demag in2006 as Contract Designer. A few years later, impressed by her dedication and outstanding performance, her department manager convinced the group management to sponsor her for a part-time degree course in Mechanical Engineering at NUS in 2009 and in the same year, she was promoted to Design Engineer. With clear determination, she had successfully finished her course in 2013 and continued independentlyproviding services in design, engineering support and training to the Sales, Technical and Service teams across the group on explosion proof products.

Coming to the subject of her most satisfying project, she recalled: “My most satisfying project so far was a 140-ton ladle casting crane for a customer in Thailand, as I was involved in the site inspection and did some test-driving of the sophisticated crane myself.  It was really special for me to see the casting crane come into action after many months of planning and hard work!"

When asked what are the typical challenges she face as a female engineer, she said: “it is always tough to be a female engineer when dealing with production guys and customers. People always have this mindset that female engineerscan’t do the tasks equally well as a male engineer and dare not take the risk.” With deep conviction in her heart, and her life philosophy to "always achieve the best I can," she believes that her dedication and performance will be able to convince them that she is capable of doing the job equally well, if not better.

On the last note, she envisaged that with more knowledge and experiences she gain, she would like to see herself do more in a higher capacity.