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One Great Partnership Brings 54 units of Dock Leveler Order

"One great partnership with the right person can have an incredible impact on your business success"  - a quote by Janine Ogg and Jo Foster. For PT MHE-Demag Indonesia, this quote is extremely true. We partner up with some Building Contractors in order to reach out to more customers; and one of the partner that MHE-Demag Indonesia has been partnering up for a long time is with PT Kajima Indonesia.

PT Kajima Indonesia is a leading contractor that provides design and engineering, construction and development with International recognition. As a Japanese contractor, Kajima works with many Japanese company to build warehouses and factories. Partnership with Kajima has started since 2008 and it has continued for over the years. The first order from Kajima was for PT UniCharm Indonesia with order of 24 units of Dock Levelers. They were happy and satisfied with the service that we gave and decided to partner up with MHE-Demag for their Dock Leveler orders.

In August 2015, we received a big order of 24 units of Dock Leveler A788 FHE from Kajima for PT Hitachi Transport System Indonesia (HTSI) project and a few week later another order of 30 units of Dock Leveler came from Kajima for PT Mitsui Soko. Their trust to MHE Demag is based on the quality of the product and the long time relationship between the companies.

54 units of Dock Leveler from one Contractor within a month! It is a huge success for MHE-Demag Indonesia and we are extremely happy to be able to support Kajima. We look forward to do more business with Kajima!