Access Work Platform (AWP)

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Access Work Platforms (AWP) are safe temporary platforms for operators to stand on, along with their tools and equipment, while they are working at a height. These platforms provide the solution for many tasks required for today’s modern architectural structures. These machines comes in many forms, and are also called by various names such as elevating work platforms, boom lifts, spiders and cherry pickers.  
Depending on the nature of work, these platforms are constructed to be used for both indoor and outdoor operation.
For outdoor operation besides building maintenance, it is used for tree cutting, lamp-post maintenance and even as a standby for rescue purposes in theme parks. To a certain extent, it also can cover work areas and building façades that cannot be served by roof-down machines (Gondola). 
For indoor operation, it is widely used for internal building cleaning, ceiling plastering, light bulb changing and banner or decoration hanging etc.  
We offer a complete range of compact Access Work Platforms ranging from a 3 m working height up to a 52 m working height.  They may come with a Stabiliser Assisted option (with support legs that stretch out when the machine is operated)  or Self-Balanced (counterbalance weighted and movable) unit.

Vertical Lifts  

We have a complete range of work platforms suitable for indoor work access, such as ceiling work, window cleaning, light changing, decoration and banner hanging, as well as many forms of other work requiring safe access in high, inaccessible places.
Our aerial platforms can be used in all types of commercial buildings such as high rise offices, shopping centres, airports, hotels, stadiums, museums, recreation parks and others.

Stabiliser Assisted Access Work Platform  

Stabiliser assisted work platforms employ outrigger legs to provide stability during operation.  Typically these machines are built to work at great height, with some machines capable of working to a maximum height of 52 metres.
The outrigger legs deploy during operation and it raises up the entire AWP while the machine is in operation. With this, the machine can be built more compact and lightweight for both travelling and stowing, compared with self-balanced type work platforms.
Another advantage of stabilisers is also that the outrigger can be deployed on terrains of a different ground height enabling the AWP to operate and work on uneven ground.
We offer a wide range of Stabiliser Assisted Access Work Platforms ranging from a 10 metre up to a 52 metre working height, with a horizontal outreach of up to 20 metres.  It can be powered by direct AC supply, battery driven, diesel driven or a combination of both battery and diesel.
Our machines can be categorised as follows:

Self-Balanced Access Work Platform  

When works are to be carried out safely at a height where high mobility is needed, a self-balanced AWP is recommended.
The self-balanced AWP is built heavier and with a wider body structure to counterbalance the stability of the machine while in operation. It would allow the operator to drive the machine when the platform or boom is in its up/raised position.
We offer a wide range of  self-balanced access work platforms ranging from a 10 metre up to a 21 metre working height and with a horizontal outreach of up to 13 metres.
Self-balanced AWPs can be battery driven, diesel or petrol driven or can be a combination of both battery and diesel, or battery and petrol.
In general, our self-balanced, self-propelled boom lifts can be categorised as below: