Drive Systems And Transfer Cars

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Our drive system components consist of motors and gearboxes as well as inverters for particularly smooth and precise acceleration, braking and positioning. These drive systems are incorporated in machineries in various industrial and commercial applications. Apart from this, our drive systems are precisely matched to our wheel range, and the perfect combination of all components turns installations into efficient systems.

Geared Motors  

The right solution tailored for every drive application. Whether it is a question of motors, gearboxes, brakes, couplings or flanges – we are the geared motor experts. A quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years guarantees maximum precision and outstanding reliability. Our customers appreciate that we supply everything from one source. Our components are perfectly matched and cover every conceivable application to meet your needs. The Demag geared motor range is of modular design and mainly comprises of:

Motors And Brake Motors  

Our drive systems also include a range of excellent motors and brake motors for single speed or pole-changing operation, as well as motors for inverter control.
Conical-rotor brake motors that satisfy the highest stopping and starting application demands, as well as cylindrical rotor motors for standard applications are available for outputs ranging from 0.18 to 45 kW

Microspeed Units  

Demag microspeed drives with conical-rotor motors are the optimum solution if a wide ratio is required between the “positioning speed” and “fast speed”. They can be used to achieve transmission ratios of up to 1:500 with line-fed drives without the need of an inverter.

Frequency Inverters  

Our frequency inverters are used with standard AC drives for electronically controlled operation to enable extremely smooth starting and exact positioning at minimum speeds. There are two ranges: Dedrive Compact for motor outputs up to 30 kW and Dedrive Pro for motor outputs up to 560 kW.

Wheels And Wheel Blocks  

Our Demag modular wheel systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications and have been the integral components of countless mobile devices and systems in operation every day, offering high reliability and a long service life with a minimum maintenance requirement.

Our broad range covers wheel loads up to 60,000 kg and offers
  • simple selection
  • a wide range of combinations
  • favourable dimensions
  • versatile connection to the customer’s design
  • design support by means of CAD files
  • simple assembly and alignment

Transfer Cars  

Our transfer cars, incorporating the excellent range of wheel and drive systems from Demag, are not only built with the highest quality, but also with a strong commitment to safe and sustainable production, as we exceed the highest standards of ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety) at every level of our supply chain.