Explosion Proof Equipment

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Protecting Lives and Properties in Potentially Explosive Environments
In the chemical and petrochemical industries, gases, fuels and vapours are often emitted during manufacturing, processing, transporting and storage of flammable materials such as alcohol, acetylene, propane, hydrogen and petrol. When mixed with oxygen in the atmosphere, they form a potentially explosive mixture. If this mixture is accidentally ignited by an electric spark, an explosion can result in serious injury to people and damage to property.
The European directive ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) on the manufacture and use of equipment designed for explosion-prone environments has become mandatory in the European Union, and evolved into a worldwide benchmark. Equipment in compliance with the ATEX directive bears the symbol ‘Ex’ and must meet with the standards of directive 94/9/EC and be used in accordance with directive 99/92/EC, to ensure the highest safety level required in hazardous environments.
With our products for hazardous environments you are on the safe side: Our explosion-proof equipment is designed to provide protection against an explosion using design features in accordance with explosion-proof standards CEI 60079-0 to 60079-7 and EN13463-1 to EN13463-8. Every piece of equipment is type tested by approved notified bodies and all products are provided with CE marking and documentation. They meet the requirements of Equipment Group II, Zones 1 and 2, Ex de IIB T4 as ‘standard’, and Ex de IIC T4 in the ‘special’ configuration.

Explosion Proof Cranes  

MHE-Demag is a trusted brand for explosion-proof cranes used in hazardous environments such as oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plant industries. Our products are manufactured in accordance with European directive ATEX 94/9EC, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. We offer a comprehensive range of explosion-proof cranes with superior quality and sound engineering practices for optimum solutions to cater for diverse applications.

Explosion Proof Chain Hoists  

Our Ex Chain Hoists are cost effective alternatives for lifting capacities of up to 4 tons. It is certified for protection against both gas (G) and dust (D) explosions in accordance with the ATEX directive. Our Ex Chain Hoists are equipped with two hoisting speeds in their standard configuration, and their compact design is ideal for curve track monorails, slewing jib cranes and cranes with smaller capacities.

Explosion Proof Rope Hoists  

Our Ex DM Rope Hoists and Winches offer a wide range of capacities and comprehensive features. The DM series is available for capacities ranging from 1.6 tons to 20 tons with standard or low headroom designs, and up to 100 tons as a foot-mounted hoist. The Ex Winch series covers heavy lifting capacities up to 180 tons with extreme reliability and performance at attractive price.

Explosion Proof Air Hoists  

JDN Air Hoists offer an alternative solution for applications in hazardous environments as its driving medium- compressed air does not produce any sparks. They are even resistant against high humidity and temperature up to 70°C. We offer a wide range of lifting capacities from 125 kg for general workshops, up to 100 tons for offshore applications.

Explosion Proof Chain Blocks  

Van Leusden Anti-sparks Manual Chain Hoist complies with ATEX regulations with its explosion protection provided by non-sparking constructions and overall prevention created through the general design of the equipment. The products are robust and constructed with the right protection for a safe and long service life under poor operating conditions. Its cover explosive environment and offshore applications have a lifting capacity ranging from 0.5 tons up to 100 tons.

Explosion Proof Crane Components  

We offer a wide range of explosion-proof components and accessories for a variety of market requirements. Our range of products covers ATEX certified geared motors, wheel blocks, push button pendant, limit switches, floodlights and flashing light, warning horn, energy chain system etc. Our innovative solutions and regional networks ensure you receive our most comprehensive support and coverage at all times.