Refurbishment can effectively add years of safe working life to your material handling equipment and systems.
Changing components on non-MHE-Demag cranes

Components changed include festoon cables, pendant switches, long travel drives and wheel blocks.
Overhauling and replacing hoists on non-MHE-Demag cranes
This crane was installed in the 1980s by a manufacturer who ended production in the 1990s. This left the customer unable to service the equipment or replace parts.
We did a total overhaul of the crane and replaced the obsolete hoists with a new Demag wire rope hoist.
Exchanging the hoist motor on non-MHE-Demag cranes
The existing motor frequently failed due to the increase in lifting requirements.
To resolve this problem, we installed a new pole changing motor with micro-speed.
Total overhaul of Ex Proof cranes
The cranes were installed in the 1970s. All major components were overhauled or exchanged. We also checked all structural components and repaired or replaced them where necessary. 
Major components that were changed included hoists and crabs, festoon systems, complete end carriages with drives and wheel blocks and the entire control system.