Swing Door and Strip Curtains

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For cold stores, refrigerated warehouses and supermarkets, MHE-Demag offers swing doors and strip curtains to control the loss of cool air and reduce infiltration of contaminants and pollutants such as dust and insects into the storage area.  These doors are made from high-quality vinyl of varying thickness to ensure constant reliability and long lifetime through repeated contact movement with material handling trucks, goods and human operators.
A wide range of swing doors and plastic curtains is available from our range, including those for sub-zero temperatures.
Swing Doors
Swing doors are highly practical in controlling the thermal environment by reducing constant air loss.  It also reduces infiltration of contaminants such as insects and dust, whilst allowing passage of humans and goods.
Our swing doors are made of a thick, transparent PVC sheet to allow a safe and wide view into the adjoining area.  The frames are metal, with a hexagonal through section, ensuring great resistance to the twisting action that these structures are subjected to whilst in use.  Protective rubber strips can be applied as an optional extra, in order to give protection against abrasion and scraping, thus prolonging the working life.  Transit takes place in both directions and as such, the opening/closing of the door can be controlled:
  • Manually — with a spring loaded mechanism which will close both door sheets automatically after transit, or; 
  • Semi-automatically — a cylinder pushes the doors open and a spring-loaded mechanism will close them afterwards.  In this way, the door will open upon contact with the sheets. 
Strip Curtains
Strip curtains are an economical solution to reduce air loss and the infiltration of insects and dust, whilst providing a simple form of sealing between compartments.   We offer PVC strip curtains made of transparent PVC overlapping strips in single or double layers and supported by a galvanised or stainless steel frame.
The curtain fixing can be normal, removable, swinging or sliding depending on application requirements.