Cranes for paper industry

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On the one hand, the paper industry demands a high level of reliability for serving the paper machines at their wet and dry ends. On the other hand, the efficient storage and retrieval of paper rolls requires a high level of automation and, at the same time, smooth and precise handling. Our cranes have been specially developed to satisfy these needs.
The high temperatures and humidity levels mean that special requirements are needed at the wet end of the paper production process. Alongside these special requirements, precision is also a necessity for when the hoist is used to change the paper reels.
Automated processes with high lifting and travel speeds are needed for vertical storage of paper rolls. With annual production levels frequently in excess of a million tons, an extremely high level of availability of the installations must be ensured.
MHE-Demag provides Demag crane systems that are optimised for handling paper rolls in storage facilities. This means that the customer receives a tailored package with the most efficient solution required to meet his particular needs.
Synchronised lifting motions facilitate the safe transport of paper reels weighing up to 130 t or more as the market requires. In addition, the sophisticated Demag technology guarantees the low-vibration transportation of heavy loads in paper production.
Turning the load into the required position and transporting the paper reels to the stretching machine is a sensitive process. The purpose-built MHE-Demag crane ensures that this critical process is performed safely and efficiently.
Sophisticated technologies guarantee the safe handling of unpacked and packed paper reels in the automatic store. Two cranes with differing gripper systems handle the paper reels in the block storage arrangement - storing, retrieving and staging for processing.
Vertical paper reel storage provides for optimum space utilisation. Vacuum units guarantee gentle handling of the paper reels, as well as being space-saving and safe. In the case of wrapped paper rolls, a mechanical gripping paper tong can also be supplied, ensuring the same speed and reliability as the vacuum lifter.