Side Brushes and Curtains

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Weather Seals

Typically up to a 1" gap exists between the sides of the dock leveller and the dock pit wall. To minimise air loss or contamination from outdoor elements, we highly recommend decreasing the gap with rubber or brush weather seals.  These can be ordered directly from MHE-Demag.
side brush 1     side brush installation
Roller Curtain Assembly
Protect your dock leveller with a roller curtain. The roller curtain assembly is designed to keep animals and debris out to maintain a clean pit. It also reduces air loss, reducing cooling costs in cold store warehouses.
curtain assy
With less man hours dedicated to physically cleaning out the pit, this dock accessory saves your facility both time and money.

- 22 oz Yellow Vinyl
- Easy to Install, includes Mounting brackets & Grommets on bottom edge
- Reduces Heating, Cooling and Maintenance costs