Full Gantry Cranes

crane hoist manufacturer

We supply gantry cranes in many sizes. From a 250 kg capacity, to 300 or 400 tons, we can provide whatever the customer requires.
Depending on the size, we supply the cranes as single girder or double girder cranes.
If the crane needs to reach outside the runway, we will design the crane with a cantilever to suit your needs.
Our experienced design team customises the crane to the customer's requirements, ensuring the most economical and technically best-suited solution.
One of the advantages in the creation of our portal cranes is our experienced design team, which allows us to conceptualise, design and produce a gantry crane using Demag's standard components in record time. Here is an 80 ton gantry crane supplied to a construction site in record time.
We believe we could be the father of the C-shape crane in ASEAN. You will find our C-shape cranes in many prefabrication yards. The design allows the concrete elements to be moved from the casting yard directly onto a lorry van.
A specially developed C-shape crane delivered in record time using Demag's standard components. The crane capacity is 280 ton.
The advantage of the crane is that it is able to launch the concrete elements onto the skyway, which has already been built.
 Another C-shape crane.