Puzzle Parkers

crane hoist manufacturer

MHE Puzzle Parking Systems lift and slide cars on pallets into the nearest available parking bay like in a sliding puzzle. They utilize drum motors or faster hydraulic cylinder transmition systems to pull the pallets with wire ropes or chains. The pallets are made of galvanized wave plates to ensure optimal grip for the parked cars, and the car park structure is made of powder coated steel for robustness and easy maintenance.

Each puzzle parking system can have up to 5 parking terminals for entry and exit. The maximum capacity per system is 60 cars. Maximum height is 15 parking levels for all sedans, or a maximum of 5 parking levels above ground for SUVs. Additional 2 parking levels can further be added underground if required. Tandem parking bays are available upon request as well.
Height max. 15 parking levels
Car Dimentsions (mm) 5200 (L) * 1900 (W) * 1600 / 1800 / 1950 (H)
Car Weight (kg) 2000 - 2500
Capacity 60 cars / system
Running Speed Lifting Speed 6-28 m/min
Sliding Speed 7.5-10 m/min
Electric Control System PLC
Operation Mode RFID Card / Transponder / Pin Code / Biometric
Power Supply 3 Phase, 5 Line AC 380V / 50Hz