Cranes for steel handling

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Systems used in the steel industry need to perform increasingly faster and more flexible materials handling operations. The use of our cranes for the steel industry is not limited to the steel production sector, rather they are used almost everywhere in the steel trade, which has to respond more and more with just-in-time concepts to meet the demands of companies that process steel.
Demag cranes guarantee both permanent availability and high capacity utilisation in storage facilities, as well as the required flexibility for handling the products.
Materials handling systems are a decisive factor for profitability in the steel trade, whilst having a major impact on the efficiency and flexibility of entire processes in the manufacturing industry. The trend is growing more and more towards full automation to make logistics processes more efficient.
A major contribution is provided by crane concepts developed by Demag cranes and components that are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual processes, to satisfy all the requirements of the industry for clearly and reliably organised storage facilities with a high level of capacity utilisation.
 A typical steel rod handling crane supplied by us to a satisfied customer.
Complete supply of cranes for a steel mill, which handles all materials, is our speciality.
Storage, handling operations and order-picking are processes that have to be performed continuously and reliably. Special magnets, stacker-cradle spreaders and tilt-type magnets provide for the safe and reliable handling of coils, long bar material and sheet metal.
Ship loading in a coil store. Coils are quickly loaded and unloaded from ships, safely and precisely. Either special coil grabs or coil magnets are used.
 Our cranes for steel handling allow for safe and fast travel to the destination thanks to crane installations featuring load-sway damping. They come with a magnet spreader for handling long materials, single items or metal plates.