Wall-Mounted Slewing Jib Cranes / Geselle GN

crane hoist manufacturer

The versatile Geselle GN wall-mounted slewing jib crane with a low-profile full-wall cantilever arm is used to feed machines in production halls or individual workstations.
It cuts back on the need to use overhead cranes and other lifting equipment, accelerates operations and reduces costly downtime for employees and machines.
Fastened to hall beams made of steel or sufficiently reinforced concrete columns, it saves space. Special installation variants are possible.
All slewing jib cranes are designed according to the modular building block principle and can be delivered with an extensive range of accessories that come with electric slewing gears. These wall-mounted slewing jib cranes are rated according to DIN 15018 H2 and B3.
Standard equipment includes the bearing consoles needed to fasten the crane to a steel beam (other console variants available on request) and the basic electrical equipment plus a two-speed electrolift® with a manual or electric traveller.
  • DIN 15018 Hoisting class: H2
  • DIN 15018 Loading Group: B3
  • Medium-heavy configuration
  • Installation location: indoor/outdoor
  • Slewing with electric slewing gear is possible
  • Suitable for explosion protection in accordance with ATEX
  • Low-profile cantilever arm permits high working displacement height
  • Capacity: 500 – 10,000 kg
  • Outreach: 2000 – 12,000 mm
  • Slewing range: nominal 180°