Chain Hoist Ex CH

crane hoist manufacturer

Our explosion-proof Ex CH Chain hoist is tailored for cost effective solutions for capacities up to 4 tons. Our products are type tested by an independent ATEX notified body to guarantee safety and to meet the demanding requirements for hazardous area application. The hoist offers a lightweight and compact design with fixed suspension, manual push, geared and motorised trolley for a wider range of applications. The Ex CH Chain hoist is equipped with many features to improve performance and reliability.
  • Capacity up to 4 tons
  • Explosion protection: II 2G ck Ex deib IIC T4 and II 2D ck tD ib A21 IP66 T135 (DUST).
  • Minimum IP65 for electrical enclosure
  • Galvanised steel load chain with minimum safety factor of five (5)
  • All motors are equipped with Insulation Class F and Temperature Rise Class B to provide a longer operational life span
  • Electronic overload protection c/w warning horn
  • Noise level below 85 dB(A) at full load
  • Two speeds control via pole changing for hoisting motion and single speed control for trolley.
  • Thermal protection for all motors.
  • Brake with asbestos-free lining which activates automatically in case of power failure
  • Supply Voltage: 380 V–460 V, 3 Phase, 50–60 Hz, Others upon request