Stabilizer Assisted Articulated Jib / Telescopic Boom, Crawlers Type

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Stabiliser Assisted Articulated Jib/Telescopic Boom, Crawler Type 
The crawler-mounted AWP works well on different gradients and is good for rough terrain operation. The non-marking rubber crawler with its wide contact area on the ground gives less ground-pressure, making this machine the perfect all-rounder for both indoor and outdoor operation.
There are two options available. The straight telescopic boom and the articulated boom. For the straight telescopic boom type, the straight boom is telescoped in and out, so that the platform can be extended and retracted to the required outreach and working height. The articulated boom type would be folded in and out like scissors, providing "up and over" features for the machine to reach its required working height.
The height of the machine in its travelling and stowed position is less than 2 m high and the width is less than 1.6 m wide. This allows the machine to travel through doors and operate in any area and location.
We offer a wide range of crawler type AWPs, ranging from a 12 m up to a 37 m working height with either direct AC online, battery operated, diesel engine operated or a combination of both battery and diesel driven.
The machine is CE certified and complies with EN280.