Insulated Conductor Systems

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Our insulated conductor systems can supply power for a wide range of applications. They are assembled in insulated touch safe housings, so any number of conductors can be used side by side or stacked to accommodate as many power lines as are required. We offer a number of different insulated conductors for a variety of mobile electrification applications. Many of these systems can be field modified to accommodate curves, switches, control zones etc. We have individual copper conductors in PVC housing. They can be stacked for multiple poles. There are optional galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium-stainless steel conductors.

Our systems are designed in accordance with VDE 0100 in terms of safety and reliability and many systems are also UL, CSA and SEV approved due to our worldwide sales. They meet current requirements in terms of the safety of conductor rails and are protected from contact in accordance with EN 60529 (VDE 0470, Part 1) and classified for Protection Class IP 23 in hanging arrangements.

The insulating profiled section guarantees good insulation and the highest degree of safety. Conductor rail systems with any number of conductors can be assembled with minimal space requirements. The standard length is 6000 mm (U35: 6250 mm); shorter lengths are also available. The insulated conductor system can be used for horizontal and vertical curves and is suitable both for mains power and also signal current sources. The protected conductor is designated by a continuous yellow stripe on the insulated profiled section and it is guaranteed that the current collector for the protected conductor and power phase conductors are not interchangeable.