Hand Pallet Truck Hippo 25, 30 and 50

crane hoist manufacturer

Our MHE Hippo trucks are your handy helpers for floor level pallet handling in small warehouses. Many features have been incorporated, both from an operator usage and a maintenance point of view:
1. Tiller Handle
With COMFORT GRIP and 3 step control (Lift, Lower and Neutral). Positions itself vertically when not in use. 
2. Hydraulic Pump
A hydraulic pump with double sealing system prevents leakage and extends lifetime of devices used frequently.
3. Large Steering Wheel
For easy manoeuvring and higher tolerance to heavy loads. Available in nylon (for hard floors) or PU (for smooth and clean floors).
4. Tapered Fork Tip
Fork tip with lead-in and lead-out rollers to facilitate easy pallet entry and exit.
5. Wheel Availability
Available in single or double wheel in nylon (for hard floors) or PU (for smooth and clean floors) depending on floor conditions.
6. Grease Nipples
Standard with 12 grease nipples provided to maintain all major moving joints.  For ease of maintenance and to prevent bearings seizing in the future.
7. Heavy-Duty Frame & Forks
High-strength frame construction with rigid under-frame bar ensures strong construction and a longer lifetime. 
8. Built-In Foot Lever
Ergonomically convenient as it allows goods to be lowered with the foot compared with just the hands, as is the standard for conventional hand trucks.
Hippo 25/30/50 Specifications
Model   Hippo 25 Hippo 30 Hippo 50
Capacity kg 2500 3000 5000
Load centre mm 600 600 600
Fork length mm 1150 1150 1150
Fork width mm 520 / 685 520 / 685 550 / 685
Lowered fork height mm 75 75 88
Maximum fork height mm 205 205 205
Wheels availability   Nylon / Polyurethane (PU) Steel
Net weight kg 75 78 103