Stabiliser Assisted Vertical Access Work Platforms

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MHE-Demag Aerial Work Platforms
(Stabiliser Assisted)
Stabiliser Assisted Work Platforms are used for access work where mobility is not required, such as light bulb changing, light installation and others.
Each AWP machine comes with stabiliser legs that can be extended out to increase stability whilst allowing the machines to get to higher heights.
Our range of stabiliser assisted work platforms can go up to a height of 20 metres and are suitable for many kinds of indoor work. Available in single mast, double mast or small scissor units.  Single mast machines allow only one operator to be on the platform, whilst double mast and scissor machines allow two operators to be working on the machine.
Mobile Work Platforms
Model                 : JCPT 1.7, JCPT 2.5, JCPT 3.0 and JCPT 3.9
Working Height: 3.7 m, 4.5 m, 5.0 m and 5.9 m
Suitable for general access within buildings.
Single Mast Work Platforms
This machine is designed to be carried on vehicles or pick-up trucks as a service working machine.
Model                 : EGTWY 6.5-1000, EGTWY 8-1000
Working Height: 8.5 m, 10.0 m
 GTWY 1000
Single Mast Work Platforms
(Suitable for general indoor applications such as light bulb changing or general access)
Model                  : GTWY 6-1000, GTWY 8-1000, GTWY 10-1000
Working Height: 8.0 m, 10.0 m and 12.0 m
GTWY 2000 
Dual Mast Work Platforms
Suitable for ceiling work, piping work etc where more than one operator is required to perform tasks. 
Model                  : GTWY 6-2000, GTWY 8-2000, GTWY 10-2000, GTWY 12-2000
Working Height: 8.0 m, 10.0 m, 12.0 m and 14.0 m
Vertical 2-Stage Mast Aerial Work Platforms
This enormous high-lift machine enables work to be performed in areas with very high ceilings.  Suitable for buildings with high ceilings such as hotels, lobbies, airports, complexes, stadiums and shopping centres.
Model                 : JAMWP 18-6000, JAMWP 20-6000
Working Height: 18.0 m, 20.0 m