Demag Cylindrical Rotor Motor Type Z

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  • ZB Cylindrical-rotor brake motor
  • ZB Cylindrical-rotor brake motor
Demag Z cylindrical-rotor motors are designed for optimum integration with Demag gearboxes and their design configurations to suit your needs. The output ratings of the 2, 4, 6 and 8-pole motors are graded according to the IEC classification. The motors are also available as pole-changing units or with an integrated flywheel for extremely smooth motion.
The housings of motor frame sizes Z63 to Z132 are of high-quality aluminium alloy, guaranteeing high stability for a low dead weight. Motor frame sizes Z160 to Z180 feature grey cast iron housing.
Demag ZB cylindrical-rotor brake motors
These motors are fitted with double-surface disc brakes which are spring-activated when no voltage is applied. Various control modules are available for electrical brake release to provide operating times in line with application requirements.

A specific brake is assigned to each ZB cylindrical-rotor brake motor as standard. A larger or smaller brake can be fitted for each motor frame size if a different brake torque is required for the application. In addition, the torque range of each brake size can be further adjusted using various brake spring combinations.