KBK Large Overhang Cranes

crane hoist manufacturer

  • KBK crane with large overhang
  • KBK crane with large overhang
A standard KBK suspension crane has an overhang on both sides of approximately 200–500 mm. In some installations, a larger overhang is required, for example to utilise available suspension points, or to enable you to reach bays added at a later date.
KBK-ergo large overhang cranes can be fitted with crane girders that extend up to 2.5 m beyond the width of the crane runway. These cranes can even handle loads below ducts, radiant heaters, pipes or similar obstacles between the wall and roof which result in the crane runway having to be positioned at a distance to the wall.
Both single-girder cranes and double-girder cranes are available with a maximum capacity of 500 kg. A crane girder length of 7 m is possible.