Mechanical Dock Leveler

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FMC Mechanical Dock Leveler
The FMC mechanical dock leveler is built to the same exacting design standards as its hydraulic cousin the FH/FHE.  It features a patented friction type hold system that provides instant hold at any point of the operation. The deck is lifted by pulling a chain, which will release the mechanical lock.   Heavy-duty springs underneath lift the deck up and the lip smoothly locks in place.  The operator walks down the deck and thereby lowers the deck to the truck bed.
When loading or unloading operations are finished, simply pull the chain up again and the deck will be lifted up fully. When the operator walks down the deck, the weight applied will cause the deck to lower itself, thereby closing the lip and putting it into its parking position.
  • Available in 6' and 7' widths and up to 8' lengths
  • 30,000 lbs (13.6 t) capacity ratings
  • Heavy-duty box-beam under-deck support
  • Maintained tilt design compensates for uneven loading conditions
  • Working range +/- 12" (+/- 300 mm) up/down
  • Fail-safe safety design
  • Standard working range toe guards supplied
  • Comes with one set of dock bumpers as standard