Column-Mounted Slewing Jib Cranes / Meister M

crane hoist manufacturer

The Meister M column-mounted slewing jib crane model has proven itself 10,000 times over. It is the world's best selling column-mounted slewing jib crane for installation in indoor and outdoor operation. This crane, which conforms to the requirements of DIN 15018 H2 and B3, can be used in nearly every workstation: for feeding machine tools, in warehouse facilities, in power plants, steelworks, machine houses or sewage treatment plants.
Changing the construction dimensions makes it possible to achieve higher ratings. Electric chain hoists or electric cable hoists can be used. Thanks to its very extensive list of accessories, the Meister M model can be equipped to handle all requirements, even up to those of an independently operated automatic crane. The scope of delivery of the crane is set according to individual requirements.
  • Infinite slewing range
  • DIN 15018 Hoisting class: H2
  • DIN 15018 Loading Group: B3
  • Medium-heavy configuration
  • Installation location: indoor/outdoor
  • Slewing with electric slewing gear is possible
  • Suitable for explosion protection in accordance with ATEX
  • Low-profile cantilever arm permits high working displacement height
  • Capacity: 125 – 20,000 kg
  • Outreach: 2000 – 12,000 mm
  • Slewing range: nominal 360° ∞