MultiVario 2082

crane hoist manufacturer

The KLAUS Multiparking MultiVario 2082 parking system, with its flexibility regardless of car dimensions, is an excellent solution for the future. It is a two-level independent parking system with an underground pit.
The MultiVario 2082 combines into one of five independent parking systems: 2042, G82, 2062, G62 and G32.
If necessary, the distance between the platforms can be changed at any time. As a result, the MultiVario from KLAUS is flexible and can adjust to varying requirements that may occur when changing vehicles. It can be easily adjusted to the available underground pit and height dimensions.
  • Underground pit depth: freely selectable between 1.55 m and 2.0 m
  • Total height: freely selectable starting at 2.95 m
  • Distance between platforms: easily adjustable
  • Platforms: available as single or double platforms
  • Comfort: Comfortable flat or angled entrance for saving space
  • Planning: ProDesigner planning software