KBK Extending Cranes

crane hoist manufacturer

  • KBK extending crane for a truck assembly line
  • KBK extending crane for a truck assembly line
KBK classic and KBK ergo extending cranes feature additional girders that are arranged between or beneath the crane girders. Depending on the design, they can be extended to one or both sides beyond the crane runway width. These cranes can also be used for lifting and positioning loads in almost inaccessible areas, such as between pillars and columns.

Extending cranes are completed with KBK classic or KBK ergo elements depending on the extension length you require. Large extension sections are possible using cranes built with KBK ergo components.
Single-girder extending cranes
The simplest form of extending cranes, available up to 315 kg.

Double-girder extending cranes
These provide a solution when higher capacities up to 500 kg, or when more favourable headroom dimensions, are required.