KBK Manipulator Cranes

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  • KBK crane for car door assembly manipulator
  • KBK crane for car door assembly manipulator
Double-girder suspension cranes can also be designed as manipulator cranes using KBK ergo components. They can be designed to meet the exact needs of the relevant loads, processes and production conditions.

  • Workpieces and sub-assemblies are moved into the most favourable positions for the relevant process
  • Workplaces, machinery and installations can be served from any direction
  • Operations can also be performed from outside the suspension area, thus increasing the operating range
Based on KBK-I, KBK-II-L or KBK-II rails, manipulator cranes are built using selected KBK ergo components to meet your operating requirements. The special advantage of manipulator cranes is their ability to accommodate kick-up forces. You also benefit from greater positioning accuracy - at higher operating speeds. In this way, you can optimise handling operations in line with ergonomic requirements for maximum efficiency.

Fast upgrade
If you already have double-girder suspension cranes from the KBK classic crane construction kit, they can be easily and quickly extended with KBK ergo components to become manipulator cranes.