Rope Balancer D-BP

crane hoist manufacturer

  • Rope balancer D-BP with a KBK system
  • Rope balancer D-BP with a KBK system
Our rope balancer is the most advanced pneumatically-powered balancer system available. You can use this system to guide and move your loads effortlessly into an exact position, without the need for a control pendant.

Maximum precision, safety and reliability

Depending on the control method, many functions can be performed by regulating the air flow. These range from simple lifting and lowering to virtually weightless handling of individual loads.

Rope balancer units operate at lifting speeds up to 60 m/min, with a duty factor of 100%. Depending on the model, they are suitable for loads weighing from 0 to 55 or 0 to 110 kg at an operating pressure of 6 bar.

  • Fatigue-free operation thanks to the ergonomical design
  • Improved safety by means of speed limiter
  • Up/down control with proven DSK pendant
  • Speed Control for even more precise motions using the highly advanced valve system
  • Manulift switch: load control with just one hand
  • Optional single or double-load control
  • Manual force control as the most convenient design variant
  • Simple exchange of the load handling device thanks to quick-change coupling
  • Standard or purpose-built control to meet your needs
  • Operator terminal for optimum adjustment to the specific application
  • A strong team: D-BP rope balancer and KBK crane construction kit are a perfect match