Chain Hoist DCS-PRO

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  • DCS-Pro chain hoist
  • DCS-Pro chain hoist
Our DCS-Pro chain hoists with infinitely-variable speed control offer you a high-quality solution for sensitive parts to be lifted, lowered and positioned more gently and carefully.
Installation and positioning processes can be controlled with greater precision, and hoist motions can be performed much more quickly thanks to an almost doubled nominal lifting speed in the partial load range. The new variable-speed DCS-Pro and DCMS-Pro chain hoists represent high efficiency and safety. The control unit and the frequency inverter are integrated beneath the electrical equipment cover as a compact plug-in modular sub-assembly to save space.
DCS is also available in the Manulift version as DCMS-Pro.

In comparison with the proven DC-Pro with two hoist speeds, the new Demag DCS-Pro and DCMS-Pro chain hoists offer you further benefits:
  • Infinitely variable speed control for lifting and lowering motions over the entire load range
  • Creep lifting speed from 0.15 m/min or 0.08 m/min
  • Gentle starting and precise positioning thanks to especially sensitive control at low speeds
  • Combining gentle positioning and fast travel speed, thanks to a 1:200 control ratio
  • Pro-Hub: Up to 90 % higher nominal speed for partial load or no-load operations
  • Automatic switchover to creep the lifting speed before the upper/lower stopping positions are reached
  • Smooth operation and optimum ergonomics thanks to its 10 mm switching path and the progressive characteristic of the PWM switching elements
  • Acceleration and braking ramps prevent significant load sway
  • Hoist speed, acceleration and the braking ramp can easily be modified using the control pendant
  • Increased safety by means of motor temperature monitoring
  • Wide voltage range input 380–480 V/50–60 Hz
  • Long and cross-travel with the DCS-Pro are infinitely variable when the E11/E22 travel drive is used