Parks & Recreation

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Chain Hoists

Our Demag DC chain hoists set a new industrial standard with their all-inclusive design. Our customers get a fully featured product, with many features already integrated into the chain hoist's standard configuration, instead of having to be ordered and bought as extras elsewhere.
Our chain hoists feature higher speed for increased performance, and improved safety and reliability, thanks to the unique new safety concept and monitoring system.

Rope Hoists

Our Demag rope hoists meet all the requirements of state-of-the-art hoist units and give you the certainty of a secure long-term investment. Besides their particularly long service life, they also offer comprehensive standard features at an attractive price.
Among the industrial-leading standard features are:
  • Higher hoist speed for faster handling
  • Increased FEM classification
  • Unmatched safety features that include an overload device, a geared limit switch, a protective rope guide, a new design for the bottom block with handle, a fast acting brake etc.

Power Electrification Systems

MHE-Demag Group in South East Asia and Vahle GmbH in Germany have almost 40 years of exclusive partnership.
Vahle GmbH is a pioneer and world leader in all types of electrification systems and has specialised in the mobile electrification industry since its inception.
By keeping the focus consistent, they have been able to develop the most proven and reliable components in the industry.
The majority of customers are repeat customers or referrals. OEMs know that the products enhance their system operation and End Users appreciate the reliability, low maintenance and longevity of Vahle systems.
Customers also know that when all factors are considered, the cost of a VAHLE system is more economical over time than any other system available on the market.
From traditional Power Conductors and Cable Festoon Systems, product development went from simple and advanced Cable Reeler Systems to today's invention of CPS (Contactless Power Systems) and SMG (Slottet Microwave Guide).
All of these superior products are marketed in South East Asia by MHE-Demag Group.
As its latest invention, the MHE-Demag Group together with Vahle GmbH has launched a top quality product for automated transfer from combustion driven to electric driven RTG's (Rubber Tyre Gantries) in Seaport operations.