In the plastics industry you often have to lift heavy casks with large capacities, to supply injection moulding machines with a great variety of blended and granulated plastics material. Individual loads can weigh in excess of 150 kg and depending on your work shifts, the throughput can reach several hundred loads per day. In order to get the job done without having to reduce the available floor area for production and without reinforcing existing structures, you need robust overhead equipment with a low dead weight. Our range of crane construction kits can supply what you need for such tasks.
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KBK Crane Construction Kits

The KBK crane construction kit is an efficient and reliable solution for the construction of suspension monorails and suspension cranes.

The construction kit consists of standardised mechanical and control components. This facilitates planning, construction and maintenance. KBK installations can be altered and extended at any time. Straight and curved track sections, track switches, turntables and lift and drop sections can be combined to provide the widest range of material handling solutions.

Installations can range from a straight connection between two workplaces with only a few metres of track, to complex monorail networks, and from simple manual control to automatic systems with computer-controlled integration of the various system areas. KBK installations can be easily adapted to new material handling requirements.
Monorail and crane installations with load capacities up to 3200 kg from the KBK crane construction kit have a successful track record going back over 40 years. Installations built with these components can be found in facilities and workshops of almost any type and every size.


As Asia-Pacific's leading provider in the design, manufacturing and installation of material handling solutions, we offer an extensive range of cranes for all sorts of industries and applications. European components guarantee quality of the highest standards and our strong local presence guarantees the best service in Asia-Pacific. We are proud to have installed over 26,000 cranes in the region alone, and the number is steadily growing.
With our commitment to safe and sustainable production we also lead by example in our industry. Our remarkable range is not only of the highest quality, but also built with a strong commitment to safe and sustainable production, as we exceed the highest standards of ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) at every level of our supply chain. Moreover, our customers enjoy the very best care, as we will assist them with safety measures and training for operators, as well as inspections and after sales services if required.
Have a look at our crane portfolio and see for yourself: Whatever we handle, we raise it to the next level!