MHE-Demag — The name for material handling! Our motto says it all; we provide you with the very best solutions for all your material handling needs. Our wide range of handling equipment such as cranes, lifts, warehouse trucks and docking equipment enable you to handle all sorts of loads, whether they consist of unwieldy pieces, bulk material or even molten masses. Weight is not an issue, as we cover everything from a few kilos to a couple of hundred tons. If you need pinpoint accuracy, smooth movements and optimal control over your items, we provide you with the finest precision tools. Even if you work in hazardous environments we've got you covered with our explosion-proof equipment. Whatever you need to lift, transport, stack or store, our machinery provides your company with the ability to carry out the required task.
Browse below to find out more about our products which are particularly common for handling:


As Asia-Pacific's leading provider in the design, manufacturing and installation of material handling solutions, we offer an extensive range of cranes for all sorts of industries and applications. European components guarantee quality of the highest standards and our strong local presence guarantees the best service in Asia-Pacific. We are proud to have installed over 26,000 cranes in the region alone, and the number is steadily growing.
With our commitment to safe and sustainable production we also lead by example in our industry. Our remarkable range is not only of the highest quality, but also built with a strong commitment to safe and sustainable production, as we exceed the highest standards of ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) at every level of our supply chain. Moreover, our customers enjoy the very best care, as we will assist them with safety measures and training for operators, as well as inspections and after sales services if required.
Have a look at our crane portfolio and see for yourself: Whatever we handle, we raise it to the next level!


Our comprehensive range of hoists and winches is suitable for all sorts of applications, applicable to numerous industries. Sourced directly from Europe, straight out of the factories from Demag, Donati and JD Neuhaus, we deliver uncompromised design and quality excellence. These machines provide the muscles for your material handling!

Lift Trucks

MHE-Demag boasts a comprehensive range of lift trucks for the warehousing and logistics industry. From the simple hand pallet truck to the most sophisticated very narrow aisle (VNA) machines, we can offer the most optimum and suitable truck for handling palletised goods within the warehouse.  Not only that, but this extensive range of lift trucks is carefully chosen to offer efficient and cost effective solutions for customers looking for value and economy in their operations.
Our range of lift trucks are particularly suitable for applications within general warehousing, manufacturing operations, logistics and distribution centres, retail outlets such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as cold stores and refrigerated warehouses.