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Innovative Aero Engines Handling Solution for Aviation Industry

Background Story
Recently, MHE-Demag Singapore was once again appointed to supply in-line suspension crane system for a test cell facility developed by Singapore Aero Engine Services Pte Ltd (SAESL). SAESL is a joint venture between Rolls-Royce, Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited & SIA Engineering Company, which is a Trent Centre of Excellence specializing in the repair and overhaul of Rolls-Royce Trent aero engine family. The JV supports a growing fleet of Rolls-Royce Trent engines used in the world’s best airlines, which include SIA, Qantas, Thai Airways & Qatar Airways, just to name a few. Our partnership with SAESL had started since 2001 and we were entrusted to supply a comprehensive in-line suspension crane system, a lifting system which is suspended from the runway beam, where hoist trolley is allowed to traverse from one crane girder to another crane for their first facility in Singapore, the facility was designed to handle various modules of Rolls-Royce Trent engines. The installed in-line suspension crane system gave them the flexibility to manage a wide spectrum of engine load.
SAESL has grown significantly over the years. To date, equipped with the newly expanded facilities they are capable of repairing up to 250 Trent engines a year. Since 2001, they have overhauled more than 2,000 engines that are spread across 15 customers and three continents. Back in 2009, an extension to their original facility was completed and MHE-Demag was engaged to supply the in-line suspension crane system for the extension. Three years ago in 2012, they had decided to build a new test cell facility opposite the main building across the road, it was completed in 2014 and calibrated to test different engine types with the help of MHE-Demag’s in-line suspension crane system.
Innovative Lifting Solution for Test Cell Operation
The latest engine handling solution for SAESL’s test cell facility included one unit of 35 tonnes, span 15m in-line gantry, twin hoists with capacity of 17.5 tonnes each and one unit of 4.3 tonnes lift table, deck size 8 x 14m, where the crane was specially designed to carry aircraft engines with load up to 18 tonnes with almost 2 times safety factor. The entire in-line gantry system was completely delivered and installed in 2014. The handling solution provided seamless transfer of aircraft engines from incoming trailer to specific work stations for further diagnosis, examination, maintenance, repair and overhaul.
The in-line suspension system has a unique feature, where it could allow aircraft engines to be transferred from one work stations to other work stations across the facility without touching the floor. This provision is made possible by installing an item called latching device, where both in-line suspension cranes will be parked in one straight line and in between these two cranes there is this latching device, which facilitates the hoisting trolley to move over from one crane girder to another. Definitely, this solution calls for tight alignment and stringent safety measure.
Multiple Sweet Successes throughout a Decade!
In early 2015, MHE-Demag was entrusted to supply and install another 4 sets of in-line suspension crane system for their newly extended workshop next to the main facilities. Since the first success in 2001, MHE-Demag had thereafter been awarded several contracts to supply and install in-line suspension crane systems for their new facilities in Singapore. The latest contract in 2015 signified an important milestone of our partnership; it is also the result of our lasting commitment to support SAESL in their crucial aero engines MRO business. In total, we had supplied & installed more than 60 sets of in-line suspension crane & hoist system. Moving forward, MHE-Demag will continue to do their upmost best to support SAESL in all aspects of their lifting needs. Mr Lawrence Hong, our Senior Sales Engineer, who has been serving SAESL for a decade, echoed that our lifting solution for Aviation Industry has been refined and made relevant through the years of supporting SAESL in their stringent aero engine handling need.

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Innovative Aero Engines Handling Solution for Aviation Industry
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