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Crafting name in Malaysian aviation industry

Looking back to five decades ago, Malaysia economy has transformed from agricultural based economy to focused on emerging technologies that have multiplier effect especially industries like, information & communication technology, aviation, and other high capital based industries to achieve develop nation status by 2020. With several notable investment in the airline industry, Malaysia's Flight Industry is aiming to become a regional hub for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities to major airlines offering wide-ranging of the airline related services at a competitive price.

Responding to these changes, several established airlines companies are tapping into this high growth industries by collaborating with local learning institutions to set up the operational office here. The primary objective of these collaborations is intended to groom future aviation leaders and to develop aircraft engineering skills among local qualified Malaysians. One of the first learning institutions decided to explore this opportunity in the aircraft industry is MARA.

Through joint ventures, MARA, a state-owned learning institution, began to develop a modern full-fledged Malaysia Institute of Aviation Technology called MIAT. The objective is to produce talented aerospace professionals and experts in the country. The MIAT state of the art learning center is large and has a huge 2 hangar and able to accommodate small aircraft, like Cessna 150 to private jet HS 125 and even large airplanes, such as Boeing 727 and Boeing 737 for training purposes.

Nadi Cergas Sdn Bhd was the appointed main contractor to construct the learning center in Subang. To meet the tight project schedule, they have been working closely with all sub- contractors to ensure the projects is completed within the time-frame. Slated to be fully operational in Jan 2016, MIAT is expected to enroll their first batch students and qualified aircraft professional in early 2016 and will train them to be future aviation leaders.

MHE-Demag has been eyeing this project for quite some time. Our strong relationship with Nadi Cergas has landed us a contract to supply, install and commission various types of hoisting solutions to MIAT. “We trust MHE-Demag brand can deliver the job. Strong after sales support and well-known brand German brand is synonyms with MHE-Demag. We need to engage our self a reliable company to supply proven product, especially to critical projects," Mr. ST Lee, Project Manager with Nadi Cergas shared. He also added that because MIAT is government project, therefore, they must comply very well with the deadline. With a vast experience in the airline industry, Nadi Cergas trust that MHE-Demag able to meet customer request provide hoisting solutions whenever needed.

The scope of supply includes testing and commissioning two units of hangar cranes. This is our landmark projects, especially in the aircraft industry. For the main hangar (to accommodate Boeing 747 aircraft), MHE-Demag supplied 1 unit of 10tonnes 88meter span single girder overhead cranes. These hangar cranes are the longest spanned cranes installed in Malaysia! To support the hangar structural beams during lifting, we have installed five runway beams for the cranes long travel at the ceiling. 

For the secondary hangar (to accommodate Boeing 737 aircraft), MHE-Demag supplied 1 unit of 6tonnes 50meter span single girder under-hung cranes.

The overall scope of supply was as follows:

1 unit 0.5T x 5m span (Chemical Cleaning)

2 unit MHE Explosion Proof 0.5T x 4m span (Cleaning Bay)

1 unit 10T x 7m (Aircraft Structure)

1 unit 0.75T x 7m (Safety Equipment)

1 unit 3.0T x 8m (Mechanical Room)

1 unit 20T x 9m  span (Engine Room)

1 unit 6T x 50.4m span (737 Hanger)

1 unit 10T x 88m span  (747 Hanger)

1 unit 5.0T x 9m  span (Mechanical Room)

1 unit 2.0T x 9m  span (Component Manufacturing  Room)

1 unit 1.0T x 5m  span (Ground Service Equipment)


This reflects MHE-Demag commitment to deliver the best solution to Malaysia aviation industry.

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Crafting name in Malaysian aviation industry
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