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MHE Demag Philippines' Refurbishment Team Deliver ‘concrete solution’ to Republic Cement

In 2015, MDP had an inquiry from the Republic Cement (formerly Lafarge) Norzagaray Plant to supply a specially engineered hoist for their Pre-Heater area. Republic Cement Corporation has been associated with some of the world’s best performing cement organizations such as Blue Circle and Lafarge. Recently, Republic became part of the CRH-Aboitiz team in the Philippines and has been a client of MDP for over five years.

In a cement kiln, a Pre-Heater is an integral part of the heat exchange as it will lessen the energy needed in the kiln. Initially, the Pre-Heater heats the material before going to the kiln up to 800 degrees. In the kiln temperature will go up to 1400 degrees. The output capacity was increased to be able to feed the new additional cement mill. The most critical part in the pre heater is the burner, which weigh 10 tons and will be serviced every 12 months. And this is where hoist became an important equipment in the pre-heater.

After years of usage, the old hoist in the Pre-Heater area in the Norzagaray Plant has to be replaced with a new a hoist. Norzagaray Plant's Pre-Heater area is unique as it is built in a very high place, which makes the new hoist required to have a lifting Height of 104 meters and Safety Working Load of 12.5 tons. This order would be the highest maintenance hoist in any cement plant in the Philippines. The customers’ requirements were a deviation from MHE-Demag’s usual supply chain and presented a challenge. The MHE refurbishment department took up this challenge and presented the customer with an equipment solution and methodology to safely execute the task. The solution proposed by the service engineer was to connect two fixed rope hoists with one length of wire rope incorporating a single sheave. The hoist was designed with a special configuration so the customer’s height requirement was satisfied. The double DR20 hoist is working with endless wire rope and single sheave bottom block. Having 2DH Gr 10 trolleys to create a 104 meters lifting height monorail hoist. The controls were added in IP55 enclosure for dust prevention. This configuration was a first for MDP.

Republic Cement Corporation has acknowledged its complete satisfaction. MHE-Demag was chosen based on its innovative solution for this project, which was achieved by close regional support, a rapid delivery time, strong local presence, parts availability and commitment to safety. They have already decided that MHE-Demag will be appointed for their next project, which will be the refurbishment of their overhead crane.    




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MHE Demag Philippines' Refurbishment Team Deliver ‘concrete solution’ to Republic Cement
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